VFX JBL enters the Roblox world with JBL Land -

JBL enters the Roblox world with JBL Land

JBL has entered the Roblox world with JBL Land, that is built with sound at its core, and invites players to discover, produce and celebrate their sound.

“By launching JBL Land on Roblox, we are giving our community tools for digital self-expression through sound. Not only can players explore the land as they customise their avatars, [but] they can also create their own unique sound identity,” said JBL chief marketing officer Daniel Lee. “As our iconic brand steps into the virtual world of Roblox, we embrace new opportunities to further activate brand partnerships and events, and make them accessible to more people. We are thrilled to enter the virtual world of Roblox as we connect with a new generation of audio lovers on new platforms.”

Sound, style and self-expression

JBL Land is designed as a vibrant space where users can play games and earn and discover Soundbytes. These short snippets of sound – which could be anything from a reggaeton beat to a puppy woof or the iconic JBL Power-up sound – can be mixed by players to create their unique tracks. Players can then add their Sounds to the jukeboxes scattered throughout the land, where they can be discovered and celebrated by others. That way the soundtrack of JBL Land is created by the community, and jukeboxes serve as mini-stages where everyone gets their spotlight. 

The world will also feature a dedicated JBL Shop for in-world merchandise, where players can spend their JBLZ or Robux currencies on exclusive virtual items like headphones and portable speakers for their avatars, further enhancing their Roblox experience.

Games and special seasonal activations

At launch, JBL Land will offer three games, each crafted to deliver fun, engaging experiences that showcase the power of sound. Players can look forward to exploring these debut games, with more content planned to roll out as JBL land grows. As part of the launch, JBL is partnering with the creator Robuilds to create a short movie, produced entirely in JBL Land, taking the audience along a sound-filled quest.

JBL Land will also host Roblox activations throughout the year including:

  • JBL Snow Party game 
  • JBL Tomorrowland activation
  • JBL Music Academy quest
  • Virtual launches of new products