Here are the details of ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 4.1: High Five’

League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 4.1 High Five introduces two new champions, changes for tanks, and brand new skins and events. 

Here are the details of the champions:

  • Urgot, the Dreadnought is a monstrous mix of man and machine, who destroys the weak in the top lane with a mix of busted-up Zaun tech and good old brute force.

  • Twitch, the Plague Rat is a marksman whose attacks apply poison with every hit and has the ability to go under camouflage, so get ready to be super-sneaky. With Twitch, players can delete enemies before they can say “Cheese!” 

Here are the gameplay items:

Last patch contained a few item reworks to improve the tank experience. To add to that work, they have introduced options that will shake up how players approach the role and the decisions they have to make. In addition, players can see some changes to existing items too. 

Amaranth Twinguard grants stacks of Endurance while the player is in combat with enemy champions. At maximum stacks, they’ll gain size, tenacity, armour and magic resist. These bonuses last until you exit combat. Similar to Rabadon’s deathcap for tanks, Amaranth Twinguard is a late-game finishing touch that grants power.

Mantle of the Twelfth Hour offers a lifeline for when the player is taking a ton of damage. When the player’s health would be reduced below a certain level, they’ll heal for part of their bonus health, plus gain slow resistance and move speed. This is a great pick for champions that rely on being super hard to kill to protect their team, like Sion or Singed.

Searing Crown is a new burn damage item where the player’s attacks or abilities will burn their targets for a few seconds, dealing damage based on the enemy’s max health. Searing Crown can stack with Sunfire Cap, allowing for a double up on the flames.

Abyssal Mask is being adjusted to be viable on more than one champion (Amumu currently). Specifically, through changes to its passive. Now, when the player takes magic damage, they’ll store a part of it. The stored-up charge will explode, dealing magic damage in a small area, when the player immobilizes an enemy. 

Force of Nature is also getting a new passive. Starting this patch, taking ability damage will grant stacks of Steadfast. At max stacks, the player will gain move speed and reduce all incoming magic damage. Stack duration is refreshed when the player damages champions, allowing them to be able to hold their own in fights for longer. 

Finally, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape and Bramble Vest will get some small stat adjustments. Exact numbers will be made available in the Patch Notes. 

In Patch 4.1, they’re changing how the account levelling system works. Hitting level 40 in Wild Rift is meant to be an important milestone, and with so many of the players achieving it over the last year they wanted to provide additional ways to feel investment into Wild Rift

Now, once players hit level 40, they’ll unlock a “prestige” level system, where additional levels will give them “stars” that are showcased in their profile and other visible areas. As a player keeps leveling up, all their stars will show off their growth. They’ll be looking to add more rewards to this system later.

With this patch, Ranked Season 9 is here! This season, they’re exploring marvelous new seas with Glorious Armada Twisted Fate. With no shortage of warships and wild ideas at his disposal, there’s nothing that can keep this captain from greatness. Set sail into ranked games to collect him from the Season Rewards tab. And fly some new colors with his Weapon Augment Upgrade in the Ranked Store.

They also have changes for the highest tiers of ranked. Starting this season, promotion to Grandmaster will require 40 marks. That means the number of marks required to be in that tier will stay the same throughout the season, rather than changing based on the top per cent of players in a server. 

Additionally, promoting to challenger will need at least 60 marks, up from 40 in previous seasons. To be in this tier, players will have to be one of the top players of their server as usual.

For Wild Pass Season 9, they’ve got a new hero, Superhero Vi, who swoops in at the end of the Wild Pass, complete with flaming gauntlets and a cool secret identity. For an even punchier new look, grab her Ascended skin from the Wild Pass Emporium. 


In Patch 4.1, expect the following events:

  • Urgot’s Trivia: Complete missions to unlock trivia questions and test players knowledge of Runeterra

  • Card Trick Chaos: An absolutely wacky event that features Jinx “helping” the player navigate an unusual event filled with difficult missions

  • Twitch’s Ambush: A satisfying starter pack event for all Twitch players, both new and old


  • NOVA Morgana

  • NOVA Lee Sin

  • NOVA Lucian

  • NOVA Nasus

  • NOVA Riven

  • High Noon Urgot 

  • Arcade Ezreal 

  • Battle Boss Brand 

  • Birdio Galio 

  • Final Boss Veigar 

  • Cosmic Lux 

  • Dark Cosmic Lux 

  • Omega Squad Twitch 

  • Dawnbringer Karma 

  • Dawnbringer Yone 

  • Nightbringer Lillia