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Games2win initiates Temple of 7 for gamers

nullGames2win, one of India’s leading online games publishing companies recently launched a first of its kind talent platform for gamers in India. Known as “Temple of 7”, the initiative is aimed at those who have a passion and drive for games.

The Temple of 7 or T7 is a team of professional gamers who have been exclusively signed up by Games2win with the mission to participate in all key gaming tournaments nationally and internationally and compete against some of the best teams in the world.

Initially the team will include leading gamers in the country who have been champions of Counter Strike and Need for Speed on the national and international level. The endeavour will showcase the best gaming talent that India has to offer by constantly enlisting new members.

Speaking to AnimationXpress.com, Games2win CEO and Founder Alok Kejriwal shared, “Gaming is becoming a passion with the youth nowadays. By providing such a platform, gamers can enhance their career in this field. As the gaming industry is growing in leaps and bounds, we feel that this was the right time to create a platform such as T7”

“We will provide training, equipment, travel and board for tournaments and also make sure that our gamers are well represented to corporates for sponsorship and endorsement. Our mission is to make gaming a great profession that gamers, their parents and society recognize” he added.

Games2win will also provide special gaming gear and a fixed monthly salary and several sponsorships to the gamers.