Games information blog “” steps it up


With mobile games reigning on the popularity charts followed by online, PC and console games in India, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, Need for Speed: Carbon, Bruce Lee, Sameera: Streetfighter are now familiar names to the gaming community in the country.

The gaming community in India is growing even as we speak. Withs so much happening on this front,, a blog solely devoted to the games was launched recently. is the brainchild of Raoul Bangera, CEO of GHQ Networks. The rapidly growing gaming culture in India and the growth of the gaming community led to the formation of this blog which keeps gamers informed about the latest in games from around the world. The Gameguru team comprises of four in-house bloggers along with several freelancers across the country, who contribute the latest happenings and features in their locale.

Exhaustive research was conducted in online media and in various gaming tournaments, which encompassed around 5,000 gamers. Through that research it was established that there was a need to induce, educate and inform gamers with the latest and the best in the gaming world.

Raoul Bangera, CEO of, said, “After conducting preliminary research, results showed that there was huge potential for growth in the gaming sector, hence necessitate the establishment of a premium gaming website to exploit this gap.”

The blog covers various genres under the forte of gaming ranging from console launches to gaming peripherals, it�s all covered here.

“ aims to provide the best of the gaming world in an interactive blog where we intend sharing our opinions and insights into the world of gaming. The highs, the lows surrounding the spectrum of gaming, with a dash of personal views and more,” added Raoul. is updated six days a week with regular updates about new game title launches and their scheduled release dates. Other than the editorial, the blog comprises of several user-generated videos. Shortly, the team at Gameguru intends to kick off vodcasts and podcasts and eventually plan to conduct weekly shows which the gamers can watch for free.

Speaking to Animation Ratnaraaj Parekh, blogger at, shared, “ aims to report the way gamers want their news. Indian gamers want to know whatâ€?s going on, this shows the maturing of the gamers in India. Everyone has access to broadband internet, which has been one of the most important reasons, why gaming has picked up speed in India. not only aims to serve gamers but also those who are interested in gaming.”

To write on the blog one needs to register on after which the user can post an article, which undergoes moderation by the editors. Once accepted and approved the article is posted on

Speaking about the blog, Neelesh Mukherjee, blogger at, elaborated “ is truly an Indian gamers treat to the world of video games. The best part about the blog is its levels of interactivity. Also, it instantly updates gamers on events all across the globe and since itâ€?s online, it is easily accessible.”

Being launched at a time when the industry seems to be rapidly expanding with new players coming into the scene and many more showing interest in it, bloggers at Gameguru will have enough on their hands to keep up with.