VFX G2W, Zee News release Prince of Kurukshetra game -

G2W, Zee News release Prince of Kurukshetra game

Besides the generic classics, the casual games genre draws a lot of its content and themes from festivals and events that the masses can relate to. Taking that to the next level is Games2Win which time and again keeps on coming up with games that are really topical and interesting.

The latest from the G2W stable is Prince of Kurukshetra which it has jointly released with Zee News. The game revolves around the real life story of the rescue operation of the Prince of Kurukshetra which had gripped the Indian media and masses.

The game has been conceptualized, created and powered by games2win and was exclusively premiered and featured on www.zeenews.com for the first three days of launch after which it has become available on games2win.com Additionally, Zee News will drive awareness of this game through its channel. A mobile phone version of the game is also in the pipeline.

Zee News AVP marketing Rohit Kumar said “We are very happy to partner with Games2win.com on this really innovative concept. Zee News is one the most watched Hindi News Channels in the country and ideas like these make our viewers “participate” in the content we show. This is a great synergy between passive and interactive viewer involvement.”

Games2win founder Alok Kejriwal says, “This is a pioneering concept we have created with Zee News where an Indian thematic and current topic has been converted into a very interactive online game that will be promoted by a news channel to drive participation on their website. We believe that the fusion of TV with interactivity is best represented with ideas like this and g2w is proud to be pioneering this concept”

Visualizing the future of the online games’ market and games2win, Alok further commented “Just look at the Indian youth today ” starting from teens upwards, most of the urban centric crowds are staring at a 14 or 17 inch screen today for large hours as they plough through work in BPOs or in media companies or even sit at home surfing or at cyber cafes. G2W is chasing this community and will offer them 3 categories of online games  “Casual on the web, Download and Play and MMOG at Cyber Cafes’

Games2win is the online games business of Contests2win the successful Internet business started in 1998 and established as a profitable dot com.