VFX 'Call of Duty Warzone' player Vikkstar quits the game as it's "saturated with cheating" -

‘Call of Duty Warzone’ player Vikkstar quits the game as it’s “saturated with cheating”

UK gamer Vikkstar, who has seven million subscribers on YouTube, said battle royale shooter Warzone is in “the worst state it’s ever been”. UK-based Vikkstar – whose real name is Vikram Singh Barn – explained why he was leaving in a video on YouTube.

Warzone launched in March 2020 and boasts upwards of 80million downloads worldwide. Activision, which publishes Call of Duty (CoD), has previously stated it has a zero-tolerance policy for cheaters.

However, users report on social media that game-ruining hackers are running rampant on the first-person shooter.

Popular hacks include “aimbots”, which use special software to aim your gun for you, as well as “wall hacks”, which allow players to access parts of the map that are supposed to be blocked off.

The video also shows gameplay where Vikkstar claimed to encounter one hacker live-streaming their actions on Facebook, while also playing the game.

Vikkstar is co-owner of UK professional CoD esports team London Royal Ravens, and is a member of hugely popular YouTube group the Sidemen. He has previously hosted a Warzone tournament with a $200,000 prize fund. The 25-year-old said it would take a lot to bring him back to the game. He urged Activision to release an update to nullify cheaters.