VFX Get set to nurture and design with Worldoo Home -

Get set to nurture and design with Worldoo Home

A first in India, worldoo.com launches exclusive virtual homes for kids! While children in the internet space have already had a chance to indulge in games, crafts and edutainment led activities, worldoo.com has initiated an opportunity like no other in the form of worldoo Home. Design, nurture and diversify, worldoo Homes invites kids to challenge the creative genius within themselves and create a home that best suits their eye. The only children’s platform to have foreseen and filled existing gaps by understanding the needs of the child, worldoo.com is going ahead by leaps and bounds to create enriching experiences for kids online.

Worldoo Home enthrals young users by allowing them to engage with objects within their virtual Homes! No more limited to only making purchases from the Doo Store, kids can now interact with the different elements. Don’t like where the window is placed? You can now shift it around! Want to keep a furry virtual pet? Get ready to pull your socks and nurture a life online, lest they feel neglected and go away. With a selection of over 150 objects in 18 categories and that’s not all with an addition of 20 exclusive products to celebrate the flavour of the month be it sports, festival or any upcoming occasions you name it and its there. With its whole new zing spiel and appeal worldoo Home marks the beginning of a whole new world and aims to become the most preferred virtual home for kids.

Commenting on the launch of worldoo Home, Harsh Wardhan Dave, Head – Experience and Brand at worldoo.com says, “We are very excited that worldoo.com has turned one! With the tremendous response received from kids over the past year, we wanted to up the ante by making the platform more participatory in nature. Over the year we gauged that parents were concerned about the lack of emotional quotient amongst kids due to reduced interaction with peers and new people. This led to the launch of worldoo Home which adds a dimension of realism to the platform. Through adding in the live creatures to the Homes, we wanted children to become more nurturing and feel responsible towards their real life decisions be it, maintaining their own room or getting a new pet. Worldoo Home is a first of it’s kind in India allowing kids to explore their creative side and have fun while doing it!”

At worldoo.com we understand that incentivising good behaviour is the best method of motivating a child to continue that behaviour. Taking this thought ahead, worldoo.com will also have contests at regular intervals to reward the most well kept homes with stars which they can utilise at any point to purchase virtual goodies, check out on latest videos while on the platform .

The worldoo.com team is constantly working towards creating engaging content for kids that add value to the overall time child spends online. The launch of worldoo Home one more step in this direction. Worldoo.com looks forward to providing more meaningful and resourceful content assuring parents that worldoo.com is the best place for their child to begin their internet journey.