Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga ‘Hunter x Hunter’ volume 37 to release in November -

Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga ‘Hunter x Hunter’ volume 37 to release in November

The manga series Hunter x Hunter is officially making a comeback. Volume 37 will be released in Japan on 4 November, according to a tweet from the Shonen Jump Twitter account. The latest volume’s arrival in English outside of Japan by Viz Media is unknown at this time.

The Hunter x Hunter manga hasn’t had a new update since 2018. The writer Yoshihiro Togashi often goes on hiatus due to several severe health issues. But in May, he set up a Twitter account and started updating it with the work he is doing. Although he did tweet a few more finished illustrations and sketches, the majority of them were just page numbers and offered no information about the upcoming book.

In 1998, Togashi published the first issue of the manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Two television anime series, two anime movies, and many original anime video games were all influenced by the manga. The 36th volume of the manga’s compiled book was released by Shueisha in October 2018. In August 2019, Viz Media published the 36th volume in North America.

The plot of the most recent manga volumes has been Kurapika’s desire for vengeance. Kurapika joined a dangerous trip to an uncharted continent as a current member of the Zodiacs, which is essentially the Hunter Association’s governing body. He has been navigating a violent fight for succession among a ruthless royal family while protecting a young princess. Leorio is also present, but the audience doesn’t see much of him as he is engaged working on the Med Bay.