VFX Manta Comics releases webcomic ‘Svaha: The Sixth Finger’ adapted from South Korean film -

Manta Comics releases webcomic ‘Svaha: The Sixth Finger’ adapted from South Korean film

Manta Comics, a subscription-based webcomics platform, announced that it is expanding its library of mystery and thriller titles with the release of Svaha: The Sixth Finger, a webcomic adaptation of the popular South Korean film.

Svaha was initially released as a film from up-and-coming, award-winning director Jae-hyun Jang. It features a cult-hunting pastor, a girl’s dead body with a talisman, and a hunt for the truth of a mysterious cult named Deer Mount. 

Manta’s webcomic version will follow Woongjae, a greedy pastor with a spending problem who takes up a case to investigate a cult when the gig promises a hefty sum. As he dives deeper into the case, however, Woongjae is faced with horrors and mysteries that leave him questioning his faith altogether. 

Fans can binge all 25 webcomic episodes plus a prologue of Svaha on the Manta app, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Webcomics have been steadily gaining popularity as society’s hunger for new content grows. Manta’s extensive library features stories about knights and dragons, finding love with college rivals and now, cult-hunting priests ensures that there’s something to entice fans of any genre. 

To showcase this diversity and celebrate the release of Svaha, Manta Comics is presenting a Mystery & Thriller Weekend campaign from 18-21 August, during which Svaha and six other creepy webcomic titles are being made free to binge. The six additional titles, which are otherwise only available with a subscription, include:

  • Confessions Ms.Jang is moving on from teaching after her daughter was found dead in the school pool. Her death was deemed a tragic accident, but Ms. Jang suspects otherwise. And before she resigns, she’s about to reveal a shocking truth.
  • A Small Lie One day Jiwon received a shocking letter from her son’s tutor, Mira: “I write to you regarding my murder of your son.”
  • Let’s Kill Your Husband It killed me to see how you changed after getting married. I can’t let my best friend live like this. Maybe we should just kill your husband. But how?
  • The Invitation My husband’s strange friend is living with us. But after he moved in, strange things began to happen…
  • Justified Murder Dr. Seowoo Han is targeted for revenge and ends up killing her attacker in self-defense. Her detective husband helps her dump the body and frame it as the work of a serial killer. The only problem. The real serial killer knows what they did and is blackmailing them into committing more murders…
  • The Paper Menagerie – The Regular –  Private investigator Ruth controls her emotions with a piece of hardware called ‘The Regulator’ while she searches for the serial killer. Based on the story by bestselling author Ken Liu.

Manta Comics head of content Moonseok Jeong said, “Bringing amazing stories to Manta is our number one goal, and using webcomics to elaborate on the world that Svaha created on screen is a wonderful opportunity. Whether romance, fantasy, mystery, thriller, or another genre that delights fans, our goal is to be the top destination for great storytelling through webcomics no matter the genre.”