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Indian comic book industry celebrates Diwali with exciting new releases

Several months have passed since the first and second covid-19 wave, but the pain we bear is unimaginable as some lost their livelihood and some lost their loved ones. All our lives have changed, and we are adapting to a new normal. The comic industry faced a high time crisis due to closures of book stores and their distribution cycle was disturbed. But not losing hope and confidence many of our Indian comic artists worked remotely and managed to deliver their comics through e-platforms.

Diwali Dev

With lots of hope and belief, the comic industry is welcoming this Diwali with new launches and releases. Animation Xpress got in touch with the Indian comic industry to know their plans for Diwali.

Diamond Comics

Diamond Comics, one of the largest Indian comic-book distributor and publisher in India, recently launched a comic book featuring an Indian superhero Diwali Dev which is available at their e-store and it is receiving a tremendous response from the readers. The creator of the popular original Indian comic characters like Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Motu Patlu, Chotu Lambu, etc. also distributed 1,000 Diwali Dev comic books to underprivileged children along with five soiled lamps each.

Conveying the Diwali message to the readers, Diamond Comics director Aanshul Verma said, “I want children to give themselves a break from this digital world as they are forced to live with this during the pandemic. The constant exposure to electronic devices may have a bad effect on their cognitive development. So it is important for parents to give their children a break from all these digital worlds. Encourage children to read physical books and parents should read stories or books to their little children. Make the children adapt to traditional learning systems. Start buying books and support us and bring the old reading culture as a habit among this generation.”

Freedom Struggle – Volume I

Amar Chitra Katha 

One of the beloved comics of India for over five decades, Amar Chitra Katha is known for its iconic Mahabharata, classic stories of Akbar and Birbal, iconic tales of Indian gods and kings from Shiva and Krishna to Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka, and much, much more.

As a part of the Diwali release, ACK released Freedom Struggle – Volume I, Kasturba Gandhi and Sucheta Kripalani. The stories of these women tell of the iron will with which they put their lives and personal desires secondary to the cause of India’s freedom and progress.

Expressing her joy as everything is back to normal, Amar Chitra Katha executive editor Reena Puri said, “Happy Diwali! After the pandemic, all are back to work and everything seems to be positive and it’s a good time. Our Diwali release Freedom Struggle – Volume I will tell the struggles and role of Kasturba Gandhi and Sucheta Kripalani in our nation’s freedom fighting.”

Abhijeet Kini Studios

Based in Mumbai, Kini Studios excels in illustration, graphic designs, animation, and merchandising and holds titles such as the Angry Maushi series, Fanboys and Rhyme Fighters under its belt. 

This Diwali Kini studio is celebrating with Angry Maushi, as the studio is busy delivering the Angry Maushi figurines. Speaking about the Diwali plans, founder of Kini Studios Abhijeet Kini said, “We got a lot of preorders and are busy packing and shipping the Angry Maushi figurines and are also working on the upcoming edition of Angry Maushi. So my Diwali holidays are scheduled with Angry Maushi sketchings and storyboards. So this Diwali will be Angry Maushi’s one.”

Fenil Comics

Fenil Comics recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and it owns a vast collection of 8,000 comic books. Earlier celebrating the anniversary the comic book creator, Fenil Sherdiwala, made a  free comic book month and launched three comic books. 

Following the same, Fenil Comics is all set to launch a Diwali special by releasing a free comic book titled Naadan and also launching a  collector edition of Vanrakshak BajRangi and a collector edition of Zura.

Holy Cow Entertainment

Holy Cow Entertainment is one of the popular comic book companies in India which is known for its work including Asuran, Shaitaan, The Aghori, and Ravanayan. 

As part of Diwali, Holy Cow is launching a complete collective edition of Aghori titled Sampoorna Aghori, a 550 pages long Hindi translated book coming post-Diwali for which pre-order is being taken. They are also providing a 35 per cent discount on almost all comic books.

Sharing the Diwali message to the readers, Holy Cow Entertainment founder Vivek Goel said, “Don’t buy firecrackers, it makes noise and air pollution and all our pets get scared with the loud noises. Don’t invest in crackers, instead buy comics for yourselves this Diwali.”

AnimationXpress wishes everyone a happy and safe Diwali!