VFX Here are the Manta Comics’ titles to read in January -

Here are the Manta Comics’ titles to read in January

Manta Comics, the subscription-based webcomics platform has shared details about its titles to look out for in the month of January. Check it out:

The Dilettante
Modern – Thriller
Stay until you’re drunk on me. One day, top counterterrorism agent Hana Lee new of her own twin brother’s passing. Unable to accept the death of her only living relative, she sets out to uncover the truth. Along the way, she gets tangled up with mysterious Eunseong Yoo and the cold-blooded mafia boss Giulio Parenti.

A Morning Kiss at Tiffany’s
Romance – Drama
From homeowner to housekeeper?! Hari Yoo, owner of the luxurious “Tiffany Building” is living her best life… until her first love suddenly shows up with an eviction notice! On the brink of becoming homeless, Hari offers to be his housekeeper in exchange for a roof over her head. Can she win back her building… and his heart?

Ingram’s Lantern
Fantasy- Romance
An ordinary girl meets an extraordinary mage. Asha lives a hard life with her alcoholic father. That is, until the day she meets a mysterious stranger who whisks her away and gives her everything she could ever want. Who is he? Why is he so kind? And why does he look at her as if he knows her? Asha wonders what secrets their past holds.

I Raised a Black Dragon – Season 2
Fantasy – Romance
Did you just imprint on me?! After dying from overwork, Noa ends up possessing the body of  Eleanora, the villainess from a novel. Noa simply wants to lead a peaceful life and tries not to interfere with the original story. That is, until a baby dragon that’s meant to imprint on the heroine imprints on her instead…

The Dangerous Convenience Store – Season 3
Modern Romance
Lovesick college student Uijun works part-time at a convenience store in a sketchy, dangerous neighbourhood when one day the sexy, dangerous Geonu makes his grand entrance! But after drunkenly pouring his heart out to him, will Uijun get more than he bargained for?