VlogBox releases two apps for ‘Luna’s Toys and Dolls’ to bring it to Roku Audience

VlogBox, a CTV app development and monetisation platform, has recently announced partnered with Luna’s Toys and Dolls, a Spanish kids content production channel. This robust cooperation gives VlogBox the opportunity to provide core assets and proprietary software to the channel, and offer its own expertise in video content placement and monetization within the CTV and OTT landscape. 

VlogBox is committed to creating a plain and simple process for channel creation and video content distribution on Roku that will offer lucrative opportunities for each side. The partnership has started off with a promising rollout of  two apps for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences to stream Lula’s edutainment series. VlogBox also pledges to ensure support in the North American legal framework and assist with regulating mechanisms for AVOD and SVOD directives.

“We’re glad to collaborate with such a competitive kids content producer as Luna’s Toys and Dolls. With our longtime operational experience, the VlogBox team has been empowering partners with an effective approach to video content distribution and monetization in the OTT and CTV space. We expect to help Luna’s Toys and Dolls TV series capture overseas audiences as they produce engaging content for young viewers worth seeing far beyond Europe. I believe the release of these apps is only the first step on the way to expanding the geography of loyal audiences, and it will turn into a long-lasting and fruitful partnership in the future,” VlogBox’ CEO Nikita Platonenko stated. 

Through this strategic partnership, Luna’s Toys and Dolls expects to enter the North American market and become a part of the advanced TV ecosystem. The company will rely on the VlogBox team’s expertise while testing the waters in the new CTV environment, and in choosing the most effective tools for widening broadcast and accelerating coverage. We’ve recently realized that it’s a necessity to experiment with new video environments, so that we could reach those who we used to miss in terms of major behavior differences. CTV/OTT is one of such channels we would like to give a try,”-Juan Porcel, Luna’s Toys and Dolls’ manager reports.