VFX ‘The Bad Batch’ season two to release on Disney+ this fall, trailer out -

‘The Bad Batch’ season two to release on Disney+ this fall, trailer out

The Bad Batch will return to Disney+ for a second season this fall and Star Wars Celebration brought with it a new trailer for the series. 

Along with many other reveals around movies, live-action shows and other animations, The Bad Batch was given its own panel at the event and that brought some new details about the series, new footage, and of course that trailer, which revealed that Star Wars villain Emperor Palpatine will return in the series as a key character of the new season.

The Bad Batch is an animated spin-off series from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and follows a group of genetically mutated clones, known as The Bad Batch or Clone Force 99. In the first season, the audiences were introduced to Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, Crosshair and Omega, but even as the finale played out, it was clear that there is a lot of scope for the series to expand, and it will do just that this fall. Dee Bradley Baker provides the voices for all of the clones, with the exception of Omega, who is voiced by Michelle Ang.

Created by Dave Feloni, The Bad Batch became another big hit with audiences and critics on its arrival on Disney+. 

However, despite the high ratings and praise for the animation, there were some critics who said the series was perhaps too deep in Star Wars lore for non-fans to fully enjoy the show. Coming from Feloni though, it is hard to have expected anything less. There is obviously no doubt that the series will continue this trend when it returns later this year.