VFX Telugu flavor to animation with Paramandayya Sishulu -

Telugu flavor to animation with Paramandayya Sishulu

Here’s yet another pleasant surprise from the constantly evolving Indian animation space.

Hyderabad based animation studio Anmipro Technologies Pvt Ltd along with home video publisher S.R.Communications is releasing the first part of its 2D three part animated Telugu series, Paramandayya Sishulu on 5 June in Hyderabad.

The family targeted animated series is about a Guru who lives in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh and his ten very faithful, loving, brainless students known more for their stupidity than intelligence.

For starters, the makers are releasing 2000 units of part one. Each part is 45 minutes and contains seven humorous stories and three to four songs which revolve around incidents that take place in the disciples lives. The national launch follows on 11 June with part two and three seeing an August release.

Besides Telugu, the series will also be dubbed and introduced in English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.

Speaking to Animation ‘xpress, Y.S.S.Karthik, CEO & MD, Anmipro Technologies shared, “This series is just a start and will serve as a consumer sampler. We are planning for low budget and high quality products and films in 2D & 3D animation affordable by every economic strata around the world”.

Five artists worked for close to 45 days to produce the first flash animated title.

“Keeping time and the budget in mind, our team pre-planned for the quality standards and animation style. The animation style being simple, we put more effort in the storyline, characterisation, backgrounds and sound. We spent most of the time on pre-production, which helped give the right quality and style to the entire series. We had overviewed most of the technical obstacles which we might have encountered to avoid any delays,” remarked Karthik.

So for all those animation buffs looking around for regional and local flavor, this is something to look forward to.