VFX Studio Eeksaurus creates 3D animated TVCs for new Eno Fruit salt -

Studio Eeksaurus creates 3D animated TVCs for new Eno Fruit salt

Mumbai based Studio Eeksaurus has delivered 3D animated commercials for Eno Fruit salt from GSK. The TVC has been commissioned by O&M Advertising agency, Delhi.

Eno Fruit salt is one commodity found in every household for instant relief from acidity. Owing to the success of the product in the market for so many years, GSK decided to launch Eno in various fruit flavors, each as delicious and tempting as the other if not more. So the entire campaign is designed around the fight within the group of these fruit characters representing their respective flavours to out do the other in order to become the consumer’s favorite flavour. Hence the campaign is titled ‘Eno fruit fights‘.

Speaking to AnimationXpress.com Nilima Eriyat, Producer, Studio Eeksaurus Productions Pvt. Ltd. shared, “The initial brief we got from the agency was about the fruit characters being college going teenagers, with names, and personalities. The gags they were pulling off each other were pretty violent and sometimes not too funny which can be a deterrent to the campaign. This is a typical pattern we come across in a lot of scripts for animation as they are thought and penned by creatives who think and know live action. Though what was commendable was that they had convinced a client like GSK who always does live ads only for most of their products, to actually look at an animated ad campaign. So we re-looked the scripts and sent them fresh ideas on the chemistry between characters and the gags they pull of which were more like funny silly pranks rather than violent acts”.

Five TVCs have been made by the studio under this campaign and the last one is in production. Elaborating on the look of the TVCs Nilima said, “We wanted a very clean sterile look since this is for GSK, a pharma company, retain the freshness that is inherently related to fruits and their flavours which we managed with this look where we have a very neutral background and props against which the fruits really stand out. This really worked for them, they have taken it forward in print as well as have a huge facebook following. The campaign is very distinct and the client is truly happy remarking they (the TVCs) have an international standard where the look and production of the films are concerned”.

“At Studio Eeksaurus, in-house content is by large a very important and integral part of the studios‘ agenda and existence”, says Nilima. Currently the studio is working on 3 short films, in 2D, 3D and Claymation medium and some 3D television series pilots, with American and Italian co-production partners.