VFX Singapore students to produce animation for Kahani, ettaminA`s `Ashati`, The Asian Princess` -

Singapore students to produce animation for Kahani, ettaminA`s `Ashati`, The Asian Princess`

Indo-Canadian Animation player Kahani Inc. and Indo-Singapore based animation content creator ettaminA studios have announced Ashati, The Asian Princess, a 3D animated theatrical feature (90 mins) which is a new world movie with an Asian adventure theme.

The makers have opted for an innovative strategy for production wherein the entire CG production is planned to be done by animation students based in Singapore.

Ashati is the story of the bold and beautiful princess Ashati who goes on a journey in life and straddles the varied terrain on a voyage of discovery unfolding the mysteries of ancient Asia. Princess Ashati’s travels and travails are set in adventurous terrain across the dramatic pan Asian landscape.

Preproduction for the movie begins this month and the makers are eyeing either a Summer or Christmas �08 release depending on the pace of production that the students achieve.

Speaking with AnimationXpress.com, Kahani World CEO & President Biren Ghose, who is the Executive Producer of the film shared, “The next wave in global animation is to see Asian themes that will be iconic in Asia but also have a strong resonance in the global markets. This is an extension of what has already happened in food, fashion, & other trends where ethnic themes now occupy mainstream standing across geographies. Asian stories have a unique texture and will provide a different and exotic offering to the world audience. Kahani would like to work with its creative partners to innovate a global template for this genre [of exportable Asian values & themes] such that we achieve a prominent position in the kids and family brand world!”

Talking about the USP of the film Amit Anand CEO-Founder of Ettamina Studios, said, “It is a first initiative in Asia (maybe world) where an international level movie production is going to be performed by the student community. It will help build the Singapore animation industry through a grass root development strategy, leveraging the local student community. This will be achieved by intermingling international expertise with local student teams deployed in the live production of Ashati. We have been overwhelmed by the response and enthusiasm from the Singapore student animation community. They believe that the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and passion on an international live production, would kick start their careers”.

Adding to this Ghose commented, “Besides the USP in the “making methodology” the USP of Ashati – the Asian princess will herald the 1st animation heroine targeted at kids whose “kingdom”/adventures stretches across south Asia – south east Asia – bringing to the world the immensely exportable values and richness of the traditions and landscape in a totally contemporary way!”

Globalisation is changing the way the world creates and consumes entertainment. Projects such as Ashati, even though just announced, bear that stamp of �Globalisation� and are indicative of the flat and shrunken world we are all going to be citizens of!