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The collection of the Principles of Motion (POM) DVDs is created by professional animators to provide an innovative reference medium for aspiring animators. These DVDs supply all animators with advanced tools that reveal the subtle, yet crucial elements of human movement. All material contained in the POM DVDs are now available in one unique website for free.

It‘s Reference! Reference! A website that offers more than 1,800 human movement references videos totally FREE.

During the new school year, this website with human movement references will make the difference in the animation industry. It‘s all free for students and animators:

About Reference! Reference! Team

Martin L‘Heureux began his career 20 years ago and accumulated over 30 credits in film, television and video games. As an already established artist in Canada, he extended his passions towards the art of film by working for George Lucas at ILM as a sequence animation supervisor.

Jefferson Vieira is an aspiring animator, recently graduated in Animation at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. He is passionate about animation and used his experience with multimedia development to build this website