VFX No flash in the pan, Lady Chaterjee's here to stay -

No flash in the pan, Lady Chaterjee’s here to stay


Remember Lady Chaterjee, India`s first CG Animated Item girl?

Well she`s back.

Six Month`s ago, Lady Chaterjee, India`s first CG animated item girl made her debut on several digital platforms, the lead star for Sawan Dutta`s music video album of the same name. Now the second music video picturised around a hindi ballad features Lady C yet again.

And to quote publisher Sa Re Ga Ma India and the artist Saawan Dutta, “Lady Chaterjee is no flash in the pan. She is here to stay! And the animated Item Girl`s journey has just begun”

So what`s the actual plan with Lady C? What`s her significance?

The makers and the publisher point out that Lady Chaterjee is not only a CG animated item girl, she actually reflects the changing tastes of young audiences and is part of the makers` strategy to test digital waters and understand how consumption of content in the digital future will be like.

Sawan Dutta, the artist, composer, musician as well as singer for the music video shared, “Buying Physical CDs has become a thing of the past for most of the young generation. It is not just about the cost, it has a deeper thing to do with the psyche. The whole theme of Lady C deals with digital lifestyle, right from the content which is mostly themed around online chats, sms and so on and I must congratulate Sa Re Ga Ma to have the foresight to experiment with the album, by having digital premieres, exclusive online tie ups and promotions and so on”

“The album is available on myspace and utube and itunes as well. And thanks to that, I have got a fan following from places like Germany, Russia, and so on. That`s digital freedom and reach” she added.

Shatadru Sarkar, Manager for New Media at Sa Re Ga Ma shared, “Across the world, physical CD sales have hit an all time low with no signs of a rebound. The entertainment industry the world over is trying to figure out how to generate revenue and additional streams in the digital distribution era. Digital natives and digital lifestyle are changing dynamics and Lady C is an attempt on our part to test these waters. The launch was done online and on mobile phones, the music video features digital animation, the theme is virtual lifestyle, there are online forums around this. Everything is new media around this project and it is exciting to see the positive response not only from the youth but kids as well”

All eyes on Lady Chaterjee! The journey`s just begun!