Nina Sabnani‘s Mukund and Riaz to be showcased at Kala Ghoda festival

nullBased on an extremely sensitive, real life story, Animation Guru Nina Sabnani‘s cloth animated film, Mukand & Riaz has won audiences the world over. The film has had a long list of screenings including our very own Anifest as well as International festivals like Digicon 6+2 (Tokyo) amongst others.

The film is now slated to be screened at the upcoming Kala Ghoda festival ‘07 in Mumbai. Interestingly Sabnani who is an internationally acclaimed animation Guru and was heading the animation division (PG ) at NID, Ahmedabad has now taken a break from her stint and is now pursuing her PhD at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. With the area of concern being a particular form of storytelling in Rajasthan called ‘Kaavad Baanchana‘.

Speaking to about the film being shown at the festival, Nina shared, “It feels absolutely amazing and I have to thank Tulika and KGAF for making this happen. They have really put in a lot of effort to bring it to this stage and provide this platform. The film has been made into a book for children co produced by Tulika and NID, and it has been translated into many languages, which is wonderful because its reach is going to increase. It is also being sent to Pakistan where I would like to visit someday, just to see where it all happened!”

On being asked about the response so far from the people about the movie, Nina said, “So far the response has been quite moving. I have had such beautiful responses that have been so motivating and encouraging. I have had a letter even by a person who recognized the places by seeing the movie. He wrote me and when I called him he turned out to be my father‘s classmate.”

Just like at every other festival Nina intends to share with the Big and Small People (adults and
children) the preciousness of friendship and the need to break the walls that divide and separate people.

Giving more details related to the movie Nina shared, “This film was produced by NID, for the UNESCO Israel project called the Big Small People, collaboration between seven schools around the world. It was also a collaboration between the craftswomen who did the embroidery, my father who told me about his life towards the tale-end of his life and computer animation which allowed for the bringing together of the hand and the machine.”

On a concluding note Nina shared her plans after Mukund and Riaz being showcased at Kala Ghoda festival, “Will be serious focusing on my PhD and also a workshop at Animated Exeter between Feb 18th and 22nd at Exeter UK, where I will be showing the film and conducting a workshop for children with my animator colleague Joan Ashworth, Head of Animation, RCA, UK. Our theme is the family and we will be exploring the language of cloth and story.”