VFX Mental ray contour shader -

Mental ray contour shader

Sometimes you might be asked for hidden line renders, like the vector line art. And it is all made easy using Mental ray contour shaders

Here I have demonstrated a simple process as to how you would go about rendering �hidden line vector style� in 3ds max.

Open your max scene. Choose mental ray as your renderer.

Under the rendering dialogue, go to the Processing tab.

Go to translator options and check �material override�

Open the material editor. Select standard material in one of the slots.
Now drag n drop this material as �instance� to the Material override
option that we enabled before.

Open the mental ray roll out for the standard material. Under advanced

Shaders, select contours and click on the slot.

Choose simple contour, keeping the default settings.

Back to the rendering dialogue, select the renderer tab

Scroll down to camera effects. Make sure Contour is enabled.

Under contour effects you have 3 slots.

For Contour contrast select contour contrast function from material browser

For Contour Store – select contour store function from material browser

For Contour output- Select contour only function from material browser

Hit render.

These are a few renders using different contour shaders like combi, factor color, simple, layer thinner..etc