VFX mBlazon, Tata Indicom launch ‘Mobile tournament‘ for mobile gamers -

mBlazon, Tata Indicom launch ‘Mobile tournament‘ for mobile gamers

Amongst the most exciting things about gaming is in knowing how well you have scored in comparison to the rest.

When it comes to the genre of mobile gaming, one can has only recently witnessed things like score boards, where even in the absence of a multi player environment, gamers can compete with stay aware of each other by uploading their scores.

Taking mobile gaming to the next level with integration of technology, Nagpur based mBlazon solutions has launched a ‘Mobile Tournament‘ platform for gamers on Tata‘s Brew platform to play the games on their mobiles and to compare gamer performances with that of other gamers spread across different geographies.

Speaking to AnimationXpress.com, mBlazon CEO Shaheer Ahmed shared, “The tournament caters to a different concept than the multiplayer gaming, the players enter the tournament and they have to try and beat the score of the current champ and come up with the best score to see their names in top slot”

Mobile gamers can go to a separate section called ‘Tournament‘ on Tata Indicom and play games in the tournament mode. The Tournament platform provides real-time leaderboards, maintains high scores of all users and the leading player at the end of month is crowned ‘Champion of the Month‘ for the game. The all time highest scorer is featured separately as the ‘Master Champion‘ of the game.

As of now, the service has begun with a single game ‘Space Wars‘ being offered in the tournament mode. Additionally mBlazon is also working on a range of games including Sports, action as well as puzzle based games that could be played and experienced in a similar tournament like manner.