VFX KAM Summit ’21 | Innovations adopted by brands while advertising on kids platforms -

KAM Summit ’21 | Innovations adopted by brands while advertising on kids platforms

Kids, Animation and more summit saw a notable session dedicated to brands, innovation and kids where the panellists discussed how they are innovating when advertising on kids channels and OTT platforms. The panellists included ITC Limited – Savlon India marketing manager Ankur Bhatia, Parle sr. category head Krishnarao Buddha, Madison Media Sigma CEO Vanita Keswani, Viacom18 head of marketing – kids TV network Sonali Bhattacharya and the session was moderated by Havas Media Group India CEO Mohit Joshi.

With India rapidly moving from collectivism to Individualism, kids’ influence on buying decisions is increasing day by day and advertisers are trying a host of communications channels to connect with the psyche of children. Right from popular kids’ characters to music to series to OTT, brands have doubled down their efforts to reach out to the kids of this generation.

Keswani shared that the fast-food industry is incorporating movie and television characters with which children already have an emotional bond so that the children could feel the characters in real life.

However, communication with kids’ is always something that involves a lot of careful consideration, keeping in mind the precautions one needs to take to ensure the sanitation of language, influences, morals and the right messaging.

Bhattacharya points out that as broadcasters they need to keep the kids engaged and entertained keeping in mind the filters of safety. “Because of the pandemic and the given situation, kids are adulting very quickly. They even have a point-of-view on the India-China war,” she added.

Even with the advent of the myriad digital platforms, the reign of TV has hardly been affected. Furthermore, OTT has in fact acted as a complementary element instead of a cannibalistic one.

Bhatia shared, “More than 60-70 per cent of kids in India do prefer the internet over television. TV still rules the roost when it comes to our country, however, marketers need to treat the digital medium with respect.”

“Although we have a significant and increased digital presence every year, still it becomes very challenging when it comes to kids,” Buddha noted.

Bhattacharya asserted that the interesting thing about today’s kids is that they have started seeking superheroes in their day-to-day people like covid warriors and essential workers.

This development that Bhattacharya alludes to has come out strongly in the last 15 years given the pace at which the way of the world has changed due to the pandemic. No longer are kids’ relating to a superhero with a cape levitating in the sky. They’re in fact looking at heroes with lab coats and stethoscopes with more reverence.

The panel touched upon a range of subjects right from the emerging trends, the nature of the market to the new ways in which brands are establishing a connect with the kids of today’s generation.

You can watch the entire session from 35:30