VFX Iron kid makes its European bow on Jetix France -

Iron kid makes its European bow on Jetix France

One of the latest productions from Spanish producer BRB Internacional!, Iron Kid began airing in France on the Jetix network on 30th August. Subsequently Iron Kid will move into Spain, where it will also be shown by Jetix starting November, and later by TVE. Its 26 episodes will be shown in Italy thanks to Mediaset, and in Portugal through TVI before it moves further afield.

Co-produced by BRB – through its Catalan creative studio Screen 21 – Iron Kid is a spectacular action adventure saga featuring a level of 3D animation rarely seen on the small screen. Its 26 episodes tell the futuristic story of Marty, a young boy who accidentally finds the Fist of Eon, a weapon which endows him with unexpected powers and places him at the head of a century old struggle between Good and Evil. The stories have been developed by Nicole Dubuc (Kim Possible) and Ben Townsend (Ninja Turtles).

The fact that Iron Kid will be on air in France at the time of MIPCOM will give the series a terrific start. Iron Kid also has a highly developed licensing plan embracing a full publishing range, including comics and stickers, three video games designed for Nintendo (Advance, DS and Micro), a varied range of action toys and collectibles, and limitless ideas for sectors such as textiles, paper goods, packaged food and sportswear.

BRB Internacional is an international company with more than 30 years’ experience in the production, distribution and licensing of high quality television programmes. BRB’s animated series have been seen around the world, and characters such as David the Gnome, Dogtanian and Willy Fog are widely recognised as classics.