VFX Hulu releases ‘Solar Opposite’ season three trailer ahead of premiere in July -

Hulu releases ‘Solar Opposite’ season three trailer ahead of premiere in July

Ahead of Solar Opposites season three’s premiere on Hulu on 13 July, the makers have released a trailer. The newly released trailer shows how a family of aliens who crash-landed on Earth is adjusting to living there while coping with various facets of humanity.

The trailer begins with Justin Roiland’s character, Korvo, telling the others and the viewers that a third season is coming. Korvo decides to do anything he wants on Earth now that he isn’t stressed about fixing the ship. He ultimately involves the entire gang, even the pupa, in the shenanigans. As one girl declares that she is falling for Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone), he appears to be getting along well with the girls at school. While everything is going on, Jesse (Mary Mack) teases spending some time with BTK, the show’s parody of the well-known K-pop group BTS. 

Additionally, viewers see that Terry (Thomas Middleditch) and Korvo learn about Yumyulack’s tendency of shrinking humans, which raises the question of whether the humans will actually be set free or if they will stay in their miniature city. Korvo informs the others that they are a family amid the confusion. The group eventually finds their own way to settle into their new house as the trailer comes to a close, showing off a few more wacky family-bonding activities.

Roiland and Mike McMahan, who both play a variety of roles on the adored adult animated sitcom Rick and Morty, collaborated on the creation of Solar Opposites. Together with Josh Bycel, they executive produced Solar Opposites and 20th Television Animation has produced the show.  

Season one and two are already available to stream on Hulu and all the 11 episodes of the third season will be available on 13 July.