VFX Gubbare joins forces with CRY to promote its new original ‘Akul Nakul – The Asuras’ -

Gubbare joins forces with CRY to promote its new original ‘Akul Nakul – The Asuras’

This Dussehra, Gubbare has pledged to fight against the evils engulfing children and hindering their future.  

In a country where millions of children are forced into child labour or suffer from malnutrition, the channel wants to play its part in improving the lives of India’s future. The channel has partnered with a non-government organisation, Child Rights and You (CRY), with an objective to inspire children to be a part of the good army with Akul and Nakul, the protagonists of the channel’s new original Akul Nakul – The Asuras, and defeat the evils of child labour, child marriage, malnutrition, and others that take away the opportunity for a brighter future for so many children.

The initiative curated by Gubbare is an engagement activity wherein the channel has created special Akul and Nakul filters to reach out to the children and encourage the audience to become ‘good asuras’ for a cause. Children have to use Gubbare’s new filters, tagging the channel and/or CRY India along with the campaign hashtags #GoodAsuras #GoodAsurasForAGoodCause and post it on their social platforms. For every post on Instagram or Facebook, the channel will donate five rupees to CRY.

The objective of the partnership is to create awareness regarding various issues impacting children and to build compassion and the value of giving among children.

Since its inception, the channel has always worked towards not just entertaining kids but also inculcating good values in them. Joining hands with CRY India is a perfect fit as the non-government organisation has been working for the health, education and safety of children for over four decades.

The campaign kicks off on 1 October 2022 and will go on for three weeks (22 October) focusing on creating a good asuras army of children by helping drive awareness, unity, and action among the network’s employees, viewers, and beyond.