Graphiti creates new animated logo for CFSI


Leading animation studio, Mumbai based Graphiti Multimedia has created a new Animated logo for The CFSI. The logo was inaugurated by Sonia Gandhi at a Grand Function at the Siri Fort in Delhi which was attended by more than 1600 kids.

A team of ten artists worked for four weeks to create the 3D animated logo has been designed to mark 50 years of CFSI.

Speaking to, Graphiti Multimedia Director Munjal Shroff shared “When we originally discussed the idea with Nafisa Ali, the Chairperson of CFSI, her brief to us was very simple and clear that this was a logo that was designed to mark 50 years of CFSI and it needed to be fun, fresh and free spirited. The idea was to capture the masti and inoccence of a child and going by the response I guess we have succeeded in that”

“It was indeed a privilege to design the new animnated logo of CFSI. Every CFSI film will start with this logo. We had a lot of fun doing this piece and the team had fun which reflects in the final film. It was deeply rewarding to see the 1600 children clap with joy when the logo was released. Everytime the logo was played the kids responded with the same enthusiasm. This was a reward by itself. There is truly no greater joy for a film maker than to such fantastic response by the audience.”

CFSI Chairperson Nafisa Ali added “It was truly exhilarting to see the new CFSI logo come alive. I am glad to be a part of the process. It was a touching moment to see all the 1800 kids clap when the logo was inaugrated by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi at Siri Fort. Mrs. Gandhi was also pleased to see the response of the kids. Graphiti has indeed done a fabulous job with the logo and CFSI is extremely pleased with the professionalism of the studio.”