Fountain Pixels to release Ali Baba sequel

Pune based Fountain Pixels known for the prolific rate at which it churns out Indian animated home video titles, recently completed its first original Marathi title ,Alibaba Ani Adhbhut Gufa (Alibaba & the Mystery Cave), the sequel to Ali Baba and 40 Theives.

The sequel is made with an attempt to take the storytelling experience to a different level by introducing original concepts linked with famous characters. Made in 45 days by twelve artists, Alibaba & the Mystery Cave is due to release in a month`s time in Marathi and is being distributed by Fountain Music Company. The sequel is proposed to be made in other regional languages in two months` time. The story was thought of at Fountain Pixels and was later completed as a script by Kamlesh Kulkarni.

Speaking to Animation Fountain Pixels` MD Rahul Gadiya shared, “We all have heard of sequels of cartoon movies like Lion King, Peter Pan, Tarzan and now we have a sequel to the Arabian tale, Alibaba & 40 thieves. Alibaba and 40 Thieves is already available in the market on home video which was developed by us as well and marketed and distributed by Fountain Music Company.”

He further added, “In the sequel we got to explore the imaginary world of characters like Alibaba and Margina. We have developed this sequel with different concepts which are original and exciting. This is an attempt towards developing original animation content as the treasure of famous Indian ancient folk tales and mythological stories are fast exhausting.”

In Alibaba & the Mystery Cave the difference is that there is a cave inside the famous cave which opens with the magic words “Khul ja sim sim”. This cave is much bigger and has more wealth as compared to the previous one with extremely dangerous dacoits. In the story Alibaba & Margina vow to end the atrocities of the main dacoit (“Aslam Khan – the sardar”) who aspires to become the King of Baghdad. To achieve their mission they make witty plans to handover the cruel dacoit to the King of Baghdad.

The studio is also currently working on the sequel to Gulliver`s Travels which should be completed soon.