VFX Focus on ‘Craftsmanship‘ at Ultraman 40th anniversary event -

Focus on ‘Craftsmanship‘ at Ultraman 40th anniversary event

Be it digital or film, traditional or modern; film making and visual effects are an art form and a craft and this point has been reinstated time and again by the professionals across the world.

Recently “Ultraman” which is a landmark in Japanese media celebrated 40 years of existence and popularity. The Ultraman was created Mr Eiji Tusuburya who is considered as the father of Japanese Visual Effects. On the occasion of the anniversary, a special effects workshop was organised for young film makers.

The workshop also had a panel discussion which was participated by eminent speakers from the world over with speakers including Emmy Award Winner and Professpr at Tokyo University Dr. Hiroshi Yasuda, Tsuburya Productions GM and Director of Photography Shinichi Ooka, USC school of Cinema professors Dr Richard Weinberg and Dr Akira Lippit. The panel session was moderated by Takafumi Yuki, Instructor of Technology and Media Science at Tokyo University.

The focus of the discussions was on topics such as How industry has changing with the revolution of the Digital technology? How the academic side is following up the speed and the change of the real world? How the craftmanship shoudl be inhereited regardless fo the techonology? What kind of talent is need in the industry? and so on.

Speaking to AnimationXpress.com the panel moderator shared Takafumi Yuki shared,” Regardless of the technology, we are still a craftsman making a storytelling stories. So the most fundamental thing is to keep the craftsmanship and the passion to create something. Technology is just a tool. Yes the advance of technology has widened our p ossibility of story telling capacity in the screen and we should take advantage of this fact but still the most important thing is the enthusiasm to create something he or she really what to tell the story in the screen.

” Many of the great Japanese content has been produced but unfortunately the marketing has not followed up like the hollywood distribution system. I am hoping that more Japanaese content will be seen globally and at the same time more content from all over the world to come in to Japan and give us a new experience” he added.

“I am persoanlly am hoping for a new Asian Conetent Distribution Network that content and artist will have more collboration and communication through out Asia”concluded Yuki.