DQ Entertainment MIPCOM 2011 Updates

DQ Entertainment, the global entertainment production and distribution group, today announced that it has successfully agreed on a number of co-production and distribution deals at MIPCOM, Cannes, the world‘s annual entertainment and content market.

TV Series‘5 and IT‘:
DQE are the lead producers of the 52 x 11 – 3D CGI animated TV series ‘5 and IT‘, aimed at children aged 6-10 years old. JCCTV and Nickelodeon India have acquired the broadcasting rights for the new series in 22 countries.

The series will be co-produced by ZDF Enterprises, Germany, Canada based Yowza
Digital Inc and Luxembourg based Fabrique D‘Image. This completes the €8.6 million global budget funding to produce the series within 19 months for global release.

Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman and CEO of DQE commented, “This TV new series will be produced as a high quality 3D series and will appeal to kids worldwide. The new partnership with Yowza Digital and Fabrique D‘Image will add significant production and creative expertise and the pan-European nature of this co-production agreement has created new horizons for our Group.”

Licensing and Distribution Deals: Strategic acquisition deals concluded with several broadcasters include:

Acquisition deal concluded with Global TV, Indonesia to broadcast multiple properties including the 3D TV Series 5 and IT (52X11‘), Iron Man season 2 (52X11‘) and Casper season 2 (52X11‘) in Indonesia over a period of 4 years. Global TV has approximately 30 transmission sites encompassing some 200 cities and towns across Indonesia.

TV licensing deal with ATV Turkey for the acquisition of Lassie & Friends (52 x11‘) and the new season of 3D Galactik Football (26×22) for broadcast in Turkey. ATV is part of Turkuvaz Media Group, and distributes content to more than 70 countries worldwide.
Standing left to Right in the picture – Tapaas Chakravarti, Chairman and CEO DQE, Mr.
Mahmut Ipsirli ATV and Mr. Ibrahim Eren, Deputy General Manager ATV

Home distribution deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment Films, India (“SPE”) for The Jungle Book and Iron Man and Indian TV features Feluda, Ravan, Balkand and Omkar. SPE will distribute the animations [for home video] in India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Tibet. The revenue share will be split 50:50.

Exclusive broadcasting agreement with Sun TV Network Ltd for two of DQE‘s
3D TV Series: The Little Prince (26X22″) and Little Nick (52X11‘).

Bimnambom, an Israeli based promotions company has obtained the rights to use the Jungle Book trademark and logo for promotion at festivals and shows in Israel while DuMont Kalenderverlag GmbH & Co, Germany has acquired a 3 year right to manufacture and sell calendars in the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Publishing rights under a 3 year agreement with the B. Jain group of companies, India for the Jungle Book series 1 in several languages including English, Tamil and Malayalam. B. Jain has the rights to publish Jungle Book story books, activity books,
colouring books and puzzles.

Blue Ocean Entertainment AG, Germany acquired a 3 year non-exclusive right to manufacture, distribute and sell a Jungle Book Sticker Collection & Sticker Album in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Renouned, The Planeta Junior Italia, part of D Augustini Group, Italy, have been appointed as the licensing and merchandising agents for The Jungle Book in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Malta and Italian speaking Switzerland, Greece and Cyprus.