Dan Harmon’s ‘Krapopolis’ first look out, special Fox preview in November -

Dan Harmon’s ‘Krapopolis’ first look out, special Fox preview in November

Fox’s upcoming animated series Krapopolis from Rick & Morty and Community originator Dan Harmon made its debut at Comic-Con, giving fans a two-minute-plus sneak peek and revealing that the show will get a special preview in November ahead of its debut on the network in 2023.

The series centers on Tyrannis (voice of Richard Ayoade) the mortal son of a goddess and benevolent King of Krapopolis, one of the world’s first cities in ancient Greece. Hannah Waddingham plays Deliria, Tyrannis’ mother, goddess of self-destruction and questionable choices, while Matt Berry is Shlub, Tyrannis’ father, a mantitaur. Pam Murphy voices Stupendous, Tyrannis’ half-sister, and Duncan Trussell is Hippocampus, Tyrannis’ half-brother.

The show’s panel featured Harmon, executive producer/showrunner Jordan Young, supervising director Pete Michels and stars Berry, Murphy and Trussell.

The clip featured Tyrannis leading a meeting in the main throne room about what to do about a Medusa threatening the city. As for the special preview, the panel confirmed it will air on 27 November on Fox; ahead of the show’s planned 2023 premiere.

Krapopolis marks the first fully owned and financed scripted series by Fox Entertainment (it’s produced by Fox-owned animation studio Bento Box) and is also the first animated series curated entirely on the blockchain. The company is launching a dedicated marketplace for the show that will curate and sell digital goods including NFTs and tokens that provide exclusive social experiences for fans.

“We have a Fox Entertainment fully owned and financed animated show from Dan Harmon at the top of his game that Bento Box will produce, and it will be ours for the broadcast network and to stream on Tubi,” Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said at the time of the series’ greenlight in February 2021. “The series also is the first to move forward under our broadcast direct model.”