CG Conversation with Xiaoyu Wang

Xiaoyu Wang is a well-gifted ingenious artist from NanJing, China All his artworks show his proficiency and mastery in 3d skills. With his mastery over 3d skills, he manages to reach a very high level of photorealism which is clearly depicted in his outstanding renders In an overwhelming CG conversation with Animation Xpress Poonam Shah, this is what the artist had to say to the readers of animation xpress.

Could you introduce yourself?
I’m a student of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai China, I started
working on cg about 2 years back. I’m now working at EA China Studio as an

What brought you to the 3d industry and how has the journey been so far?
3d can change dream to realism, I’ve been a crazy sports game fan. I love the
Nba live series game, so then I decided to work at EA as a cg artist and started to learning everything about cg…so far I’ve had some works and the intern opportunity in EA, and I m happy to take this as my career.