VFX Carrot Creation developing ‘Circus Kaduva‘ a stereoscopic 3D animation film for Home Video -

Carrot Creation developing ‘Circus Kaduva‘ a stereoscopic 3D animation film for Home Video

Kerala based Carrot Creation is developing a 60 minute stereoscopic 3D animation film called ‘Circus Kaduva‘. The film is slated to release by mid January 2012 on the Home Video. The film will be released in Malayalam. The film is targeted at children between the age group of 4 – 15 years old.‘Circus Kaduva is a story of a tiger and a boy who meet in a village where the tiger reaches after his jungle is destroyed by the men. Tiger wants to know why people are destroying the jungle as this will endanger the mankind and their existence as well and the boy supports him and along the way learns how to protect the nature for the next generation. He helps the tiger return to the jungle safely.

Talking to AnimationXpress.com Rasak Vazhiyoram, Director of the film shares, “There are so many cartoon films releasing everyday in all languages but all the films are aiming at entertainment or laugh. We intend to make cartoon films for children which must
contain some ethical values. It should be helpful to the children to cultivate moral values like love, affection, generosity and good habits. We stick to moral values in all our cartoon films”.

Salam Kodiyathur is the Producer of the film and Rasak Vazhiyoram is the script writer along with being thedirector. The budget of the film is approximately INR 10 lakhs. Carrot Creation is targeting General market, Schools and Gulf market for their film.

About the challenges faced Rasak asserts, “Application of stereoscopic images is a challenge. It needs time and patience. Our team is devoted to this work. Though we are releasing film in Malayalam we would like to translate this film in English and all other Indian languages”.

Carrot Creation has in past released eight cartoon films and their second film ‘Kuttappi‘ won State award (SIET kerala Education Ministry). ‘Poompatta‘ (butterfly) was their 8th cartoon film. ‘Jungle Wonder‘ a 3D animation film is their next big project.