VFX Arena Animation develops cut out animation short ‘The Magic Pot‘ -

Arena Animation develops cut out animation short ‘The Magic Pot‘

Arena Animation (Jayanagar, Bangalore studio) has always tried to do some thing new and different with their short films and this time they have come up with “The Magic Pot” which is again an experimental short film.

The film is all about the magic pot who shows you that sometimes sharing what ever you have with needy can also satisfy your cheerful life. Here magic pot shows you that how a king satisfied his hungry villagers after learning how much painful it is to see his own people suffer from his selfish acts.

The inspiration behind the film is nowadays people don’t bother about the things going around them; they are busy with their own life, in this movie it is shown that we have to share what we have with the people who don’t have their daily needs and living their life with agony. This entire concept is shown in 3 mins. The movie is made in English and will be released in other languages like Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi later in time. The medium of animation used in this film is cut out animation.

Talking to AnimationXpress.com about the most difficult task during the making of the movie Chiranjit Ghosh, Creative Head, Arena Animation (Jayanagar) shared, “The outdoor shot from King‘s palace to village where we have to animate 7 characters carrying the King in his chariot at a time was the most difficult task but we successfully did it with lot of team work and lot of patience and also it took the longest time to animate”.

The movie has presently won the award in Animation Habba 2011. It also has the credit of participation in different awards and festivals which include Cinema Today Award 2011, TASI 2011 and Kerala International Film Fest 2011. “First we are sending this movie to all the festivals and then we will launch it”, Chiranjit said.

Few people behind this movie include Animator: Santosh Kumar A.P, Tej Kumar K.N, Sachin.S.V, Abhimanyu H.P, Shalini.G, Durga Prasad, Rahul.S. Mentor-Director: Chiranjit Ghosh. The tools used in this movie by the artists include Monkey jam for capturing, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and sound forge.