VFX APC Kids onboards 'Nitso and The Very Hairy Alphabet'

APC Kids onboards animated series ‘Nitso and The Very Hairy Alphabet’

APC Kids, a part of APC Studios, has boarded a new preschool edutainment series Nitso and The Very Hairy Alphabet, produced by Eagle Eye Filmproduktion in co-production with Kika and GS Animation. 

Nitso and The Very Hairy Alphabet tells the adventures of fuzzy little Yeti Monster, Nitso, who has recently become keen on learning the letters of the alphabet. At the beginning of every episode, Nitso opens his ABC Book to show the viewers a new letter to be learned. But every time the letter suddenly “vanishes” in all sorts of surprising ways. Luckily, Madame Tebahpla, the wisest of the wise, is always there, ready to help our little curious friend find the lost letter.

APC Kids managing director Lionel Marty said, “Edutainment for young children has always been the backbone of preschool schedules around the world and we are excited to introduce Nitso to children and their carers as a fun concept for kids around the world to develop their vocabulary in English as well as for English-speakers to learn the alphabet.”

The 26 x 7′ series will air on Kika and APC Kids will debut the show internationally at MIFA in June.