VFX Annecy & MIFA to witness increased Indian Participation this year! -

Annecy & MIFA to witness increased Indian Participation this year!

The queen of animation festivals takes throne this year, as every year at the World‘s capital of animation in its 51st Edition!

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival & International Animation Film Market (Mifa 8-10 June) is all set to be held this year on 6-11 June.

An undeniable success year after year, Annecy received nearly 2000 entries this year of which over 200 films are in the competition category and will be screened at the festival. The festival attracted close to 7300 attendees last year and this time around the number looks all set to be even higher.

As the leading professional international trade fair in France dedicated to animation, for the past 25 years, MIFA has been gaining importance in the animation business circles. Last year it brought together more than 2,300 professionals from over 50 different countries with more than 20 country paviolions.

Other attractions include Annecy 2011 Youtube Contest winners, Exhibitions, Signing Sessions, @nnecybrenight, Between Frames (work in Progress, making of sessions) etc.

MIFA & Annecy cover the complete gamut of animation from the creative to the business with focus on the highest quality of art and expression. It is concentrated on the global production of animation with some forty countries represented through the works of established or up-and-coming directors, which convey emotions, major concerns and convictions across cultures and borders.This year the guest country for Annecy being USA, the festival will have a tour of the animated world of the USA, to be punctuated by sneak previews and visits from the greatest names in the art.

In 2011, the festival and market will witness an increased participation from Indian studios and artists. The confirmed participating companies include DQE, Crest Animation, Shemaroo, Krayon Pictures, Eden Animation, Transcendal Technologies, Roy Holdings, Animagic India, Gitanjali Rao Films and an equal number of companies are in the midst of registering and implementing their Annecy Strategy. MIFA & Annecy along with the French Embassy (India) are also inviting and spotlighting Indian Animation filmmakers Gitanjali Rao and Chetan Sharma. Also gearing up for the festival are Media partners AnimationXpress.com and CGTantra as well as Indian Representative of Annecy, Anand Gurnani amongst others.

AnimationXpress.com spoke to some of the Indian Delegates preparing for Annecy to know their anticipations this year.
I wish to connect with a lot of co-production companies, discuss possibilities of new projects and meet writers / directors. Basically networking and broadcasting information about our project. Its my second time at Annecy and I would like to be there every year. I would be showcasing the trailers of our feature projects ‘Delhi Safari’ & ‘Kamlu’. It would be nice if the India booth (at Annecy) works out.
My expectations are pretty high from Annecy. I am looking forward to meeting some top talent from the International Animation Community as well as exploring some co-production opportunities. This is the first time that Shemaroo Entertainment will be attending Annecy.
We are bringing our latest 3D CGI feature film “Super K” to the festival. We have gotten great response for our film during Cannes Film Festival, MIPCOM, MIPTV, Kidscreen and more and have closed many countries which we will be announcing shortly.

I have been attending Annecy for the last 10 years. Its a fantastic platform for producers to showcase their productions, exchange creative ideas, meet talent and network in a relatively relaxed and informal atmosphere. We have benefitted immensely by being here every year.

It‘s an honour to be invited as a member of the jury. I am looking forward to watching all the productions and meeting other jury members. The best animated productions are showcased at Annecy and I‘m really delighted to be part of this!

This year our focus is on 2 new properties -‘The New Adventures of Peter Pan‘ and ‘5 & IT‘. Along with these we will also showcase ‘The New adventures of Lassie‘ and ‘The Jungle Book‘, which is now in season 2.
We at Eden Animation Studio always prefer working on original IPs and Annecy being the Worlds largest Animation festival we are looking forward to come across several great creations, ideas and creators of animation contents. We are also looking forward to portray our IPs in this Global market place (MIFA)

We have reserved a stand at MIFA and following are the major concerns we are looking forward to- Sales & Negotiations with potential clients for animation contents, Pre sales negotiations for animation contents, Project level discussion for possible movie franchise (L&M, game, graphic novel, spin off & sequels), Recruitment/ Association with Animation Script & Screenplay writers & Freelance Animation directors for current and future projects and Co pro & service association with other studios

The properties that we would be showcasing are “Noor-e-Berooz- The Eternal Light of Love” – 3D feature film, “Titlee in Jugmugland” – 2D TV series, “The Adventures of ImbaMan” – 3D TV series, “The Gift of Sacred Lake” – 3D Stereoscopic Feature film along with some other projects.
This would be my second time at Annecy International Animation Film Festival. I totally loved it the last time, its one of the most exciting international animation film festival that I have ever been to. This time around focus of my visit would be a little different from last time, when my film was in competition. This time around I am seeking funding for two of my projects. First is ‘Love Story 2012‘ which is a 20 min stop motion short film and second is ‘Girgit‘ which is an animation feature film project. So I would be exploring MIFA and finding international partner for my projects.

Apart from that, I am looking forward to seeing the brilliant films in the competition category and meeting animators from different parts of the world. I would love to thank AnimationXpress.com’s Anand Gurnani for putting in so much efforts to increase the presence of India at Annecy this year.
One cannot have anything less than the greatest expectations going to a festival like Annecy!! With that kind of history and heritage, every experience should drip of pure animation goodness!! The films, the makers, the animators, Studios, all people like us!! Even the market people are there for a common agenda so you are not selling animation but your unique angle!!

I feel privileged and blessed to be an invited director. To be surrounded by animation stuff is bliss! Inspiration all around! There are some projects we have been developing in the studio that we will share in the market. These include theatrical features and TV series. I am indebted to the French embassy, Annecy and particularly Anand who have provided this opportunity.

I am also impressed by the work that Anand as MIFA/Annecy rep in India is doing to project Indian animation talent in the best possible light. The effort to showcase and highlight the best work from India will do wonders for the image of this country as an animating nation rather than as a production hub!