VFX Animationsaint's shun e-waste via animated PSA -

Animationsaint’s shun e-waste via animated PSA

nullIIt is not only mythological fare like Ramayana, Hanuman, Mahabharata, Krishna, etc. which is the favorite theme for Indian animation content creators these days. Social issues like water conservation, wildlife preservation, e-waste management etc. have joined the league.

Delhi based studio, AnimationsaintS, have started work on a short animated film based around
`e-waste`. The short film deals specifically with electronic waste management. It highlights upon the impending danger that e-waste may bring, if not taken care of when we have time!

While the original idea and sponsorship to make a film around this theme came from Toxic Link, AnimationsaintS will be completely responsible for the creative direction of the film.

Established in 2005, with just two people in the team, AnimationsaintS` growth is visible as many more have joined the bandwagon. Before starting their latest project Inclusion, they have already worked on a short film for the specially abled, which was screened in many conferences and was among the top ten films in the `Film festival for the specially abled` held in Bangalore, a 30 second advertisement for the NPC (National Power Council) and have also done animated supers for Kingfisher which were aired on ESPN.

The studio is involved in the entire production process. Currently, they have completed the storyboarding and are now in the process of creating the animatics.

Speaking to AnimationXpress.com about their involvement in the film, Kshiraj Telang, Animation head at AnimationsaintS shared, “This film is really growing on us. The saints already feel as a part of the film. The e-waste film is initiated to generate awareness among the new and old generation alike, regarding the impending sword that is dangling on our heads, a bomb that waits to blow, the waste of the “e” that waits to flow”.

Manojit Ghose, Creative head, said “We expect it to be completed in next 40 days. It`s Kshiraj and me who are supervising the animation production. We also have Salil Chaturvedi, from `Splash!` who has written the script.”

Along with commercial projects, AnimationsaintS has also worked on projects which are inclined to social issues and embodies some message.

“The film on `e-waste` is planned to be screened in all important film festivals. And more importantly it would be portrayed as a universal campaign for e-waste and waste management awareness programs. We are eager to see it on screen and working really hard to make that happen” Telang concluded.