VFX Animated series ‘SuperKitties’ to premiere on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney+ in January 2023  -

Animated series ‘SuperKitties’ to premiere on Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney+ in January 2023 

SuperKitties, an action-packed animated series about Ginny, Sparks, Buddy and Bitsy ― four cute and cuddly kittens who are brave, smart, strong and kind and with their talents combined, turn into superkitties when trouble arises ― is set to premiere Wednesday, 11 January 2023 with a simulcast on Disney Channel and Disney Junior (10:30 am EST). An initial batch of episodes will premiere the same day on on-demand platforms and Disney+. Defeating villains and imparting important messages of kindness, empathy, friendship, resilience and problem-solving, the fluffy felines are on a mission to make the world a more caring and pawesome place.

The digital soundtrack, Disney Junior Music: SuperKitties, featuring the theme song plus additional songs from the series, will be released by Walt Disney Records on 11 January.

Set in the city of Kittydale, each SuperKitties episode features two 11-minute stories as the four kittens, cuddled up at the Purr ‘N’ Play playspace or out playing around town, receive a SuperKitty Call from one of their animal friends with a problem that only the SuperKitties can help with, usually caused by one of the comedic villains in the series: Cat Burglar, Mr. Puppypaws, Lab Rat or Zsa-Zsa. With plenty of super skills and gadgets at their disposal, the SuperKitties set off to thwart the villains’ plans and impart important messages along the way.

The SuperKitties voice cast includes Emma Berman as Ginny, Cruz Flateau as Sparks, JeCobi Swain as Buddy, and Pyper Braun as Bitsy. Voicing the recurring comedic villains in the series are Justin Guarini as Cat Burglar, James Monroe Iglehart as Mr. Puppypaws, Ruth Pferdehirt as Lab Rat, and Isabella Crovetti as Zsa-Zsa the cockatoo.

The series is created and executive produced by Emmy Award winner Paula Rosenthal. Emmy Award-winning producer, director and storyboard artist Kirk Van Wormer is the co-executive producer. Keith Harrison Dworkin is the songwriter, and Vidjay Beerepoot is the composer. Carmen Carter performs the series’ theme song. The series is produced by Sony Pictures Television – Kids in association with Disney Junior.