VFX Anifest India 06: Workshop Outline -

Anifest India 06: Workshop Outline

Anifest India 06 is less than two weeks away and for all those who can’t wait for the days to pass by, here’s a basic outline of the first 3 workshops on DAY 1 at Anifest.

Chetan Sharma – Director, Animagic India

The driving idea behind Chetan’s presentation will be to explore & appreciate classical animation principles from a broad perspective.

Points covered will include

– To look at the spririt of sketching out characters & ideas which can be
developed as a project in any medium..

– To discover in the sketches the essential building blocks of animated storytelling.
(a demonstration of the creation of characters, storyboards and layouts.. which should end with a demo of an actual action roughed out)

Stop Motion
Vaibhav Kumaresh & Dhimant Vyas

1. How to translate a drawing or a character design into a physical model.
Creating an armature/ wireframe of the model.
Finishing it to a final form> foam/ clay/ latex

Demonstration of a stopmotion shoot:

a. Action analysis
b. Encoding actions into an exposure sheet/ dope sheet
c. Setting up for a stopmotion shoot
d. Basic technical requirements
e. Animating a shot featuring lip synch to demonstrate the ‘Replacement animation’ technique
f. Animating a morf shot to demonstrate the ‘Displacement animation’ technique
g. Playback of grabbed still frames to view/ analyze action

2. Viewing animated clips of different kinds (if time permits!!)

Rhythm & Hues Team

Vinayak Pawar
-General Introduction to the medium
-Thinking as a Traditional artist vs Thinking for the medium
-Model sheets and macquettes (Demonstration)

Vivek Ram
-Reading a model sheet to work for the camera
-Polygon editing/Blocking. (Demonstration)
-Working with the Director, and every other Dept.
-UV Unwrapping *Demonstration*

Mrudul Sarang
-What is Rigging?
-Bone Setups and Skinning (Demonstration)
-Creating UIs/Working with the Animator

Nirmal David
-Rigger/Animator test process
-Blocking(3 axes animation)
-Tech /medium characteristics
-Timing and Spacing (Demonstration)
-3D specific animation concepts

Mehul Hirani
-Fundamentals of Prelighting
-Prelighting (Demonstration)
-Prelighting Rig

Bhavika Bajpai
-Fundamentals of Scene lighting
-BG/Character Lighting (Demonstration)
-Comping Layers.
-Final Render.