The VAM Summit 2024, themed "The Quad Quest," spotlights collaboration among directors, art directors, VFX supervisors, and cinematographers for elevated visual storytelling. This quartet holds the key to soaring visual storytelling heights, crucial in an era witnessing triumphant VFX projects dominating both box office triumphs and streaming platforms. The ecosystem's evolution underscores the growing necessity for synchronized efforts among these creatives.

Amidst a surge in successful VFX projects, the summit delves into AI's impact, industry challenges, and heightened domestic project engagement. It also aims to address layoffs and government support post-Hollywood writers' strike, navigating disruptions while exploring innovations for smoother workflows and enhanced visuals.

Building upon the quest to understand storytelling craft, production pipelines, and technological advancements, the 2024 edition aims to forge new pathways while continuing to honour excellence and through the prestigious VAM Awards.



Directors, Art Directors, VFX Supervisors, Cinematographers

Given the collaborative nature of the summit, these roles would find it particularly valuable.

Producers and Production Managers

Sessions on budgeting, equitability, and production management are tailored for these roles.

Tech Enthusiasts and Industry Professionals

Sessions on AI, tech deep dives, and innovations in VFX are suitable for those interested in technical advancements.


Learning how VFX and cinematography enhance storytelling.


Understanding the market landscape and emerging opportunities.

Sound Designers and Music Composers

Understanding the integration of sound and music with VFX for immersive experiences.

Institutes and Students

Understanding industry demands and skill development needs.