Tom Cruise to shoot in space for $200mn budget film

Tom Cruise is going to shoot a film in space for an upcoming film. This will be the first time that a Hollywood movie has ever been shot outside of planet Earth–and he’s now secured some serious money to do so.

According to a report in deadline, all it took was an exuberant Zoom call with Tom Cruise, director Doug Liman, Christopher McQuarrie, and PJ van Sandwijk. They pitched the picture with no script (Liman is writing it), and came away with a production commitment around $200 million.

Sources said that Space X’s Elon Musk will be a partner in the project and the expectation is that is that McQuarrie — Cruise’s writer/director on the Mission: Impossible films — will have a ground control role as story advisor and producer alongside Cruise, Liman and van Sandwijk.

It is expected the movie might be spending a lot in production and postproduction as it might need to incorporate high-end technology suitable for such an environment. Hoping that there will be an ample amount of VFX shots to support the shots in space.

Cruise previously worked with Liman on Edge of Tomorrow and American Made. McQuarrie directed Cruise in the last two Mission: Impossible movies.

Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 have been delayed after shooting was put on hold due to COVID-19.

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