Pokemon Coco First Full Trailer revealed

Pokemon Coco is the upcoming movie all set to join the beloved anime roster, and fans have been buzzing to check out for a while. The movie was originally set to debut in July, but its Japanese premiere was delayed due to the pandemic. Now, Pokemon is ready to set fans abuzz with the movie as it nears its new release date, and the film is hyping fans up with a new trailer.


The trailer seems to focus on familial bonds as Ash is first seen chatting with his mother over the phone. When the clip switches focus, fans are shown the new Pokemon called Zarude and its son who happens to be a human. As the trailer continues, fans learn the boy was adopted by Zarude after being left in the jungle, so it falls on Ash to tell the boy he is a human.

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

After this revelation is made, the trailer picks up the pace as Zarude and his son clash over their strained past. Zarude wants nothing but his son’s happiness, but the boy is unsure how to live knowing he is a human rather than a Pokemon. It is a good thing Ash is there to help the pair out, but things take a turn for the worst when Zarude’s jungle comes under attack. The trailer closes with the mythical beast attacking those assailing his home, so Pokemon Coco is shaping up to be an action-packed adventure already.

 The movie is slated to hit theaters in Japan this December. Fans are hoping Netflix licenses the film for all to see.

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