NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) with their partners have announced a strategic initiative for the Indian Digital Content Creation (DCC) community. The initiative, called “Digital Bollywood,” couples NVIDIA technologies with industry expertise from around the world to help enable India as a DCC powerhouse.

Digital Bollywood includes the following components:
1. Technology: NVIDIA Gelato® rendering software and NVIDIA Quadro® technology tailored for the Indian market.

2. Education: The `Digital Production Curriculum,` with the first two courses consisting of Gelato certification classes and Advanced Digital Production pipeline techniques.

3. Expertise: Access to DCC experts from around the world, including the DCC Guru Lecture series, a series of monthly lectures delivered in multiple Indian cities, along with domain and product experts located in India.

4. Community: Close working relationships with ASIFA, TASI, ABAI, and other animation societies to strengthen the local community.

5. Partnership: MAAC and Whistling Woods to teach the `Digital Production Curriculum` in their respective schools, in addition to close working technical collaboration with: Acris, Anibrain, Anirights, Crest, EFX, IIT, Maya Entertainment, NID, Prana, Prime Focus, and VCL, among others.
“NVIDIA`s Digital Bollywood initiative will unlock the creative potential in India and accelerate its emergence onto the world stage,” said Govind Nihalani, film maker and director.

“India is poised to become the center of the DCC universe and we share India`s passion and excitement for graphics and video processing,” stated Dan Vivoli, senior vice president at NVIDIA.

Volker Engel, the Oscar and Emmy Award winning producer and visual effects supervisor, added, “Indian talent is waiting to be unlocked and I believe that NVIDIA is the only company that can play a neutral role in bringing all the Indian players together to create world class content. NVIDIA`s investment and commitment to Digital Bollywood is real and I look forward to seeing its results..”