Kartoon Studios’ ‘Shaq’s Garage’ debuts on all major digital platforms

Kartoon Studios announced the broad debut of Shaq’s Garage, starring and executive produced by the legendary Shaquille O’Neal, across Kartoon Channel! platforms, following its successful exclusive premiere on Pluto TV throughout June. 

Shaq’s Garage premiered the first 13 episodes of season one exclusively on Pluto TV, delivering more VOD viewers than all of Kartoon Channel!’s other titles combined, while increasing Kartoon Channel!’s weekly audience by over 50 per cent. Additionally, the series captured the top three most viewed episode slots on Kartoon Channel! over the last 90 days.

“The launch of Shaq’s Garage on Pluto TV’s Kartoon Channel! has more than met our expectations.  The series has found an audience and the response has been amazing,” said Toon Media Network president Todd Steinman. “We have a solid foundation in place to expand the series across all the Kartoon Channel! platforms and into international markets.  We are extremely grateful to Shaq and Rob Gronkowski for working with us to create a series that has resonated so well with kids and families, and provides positive role models and messaging.”

The series is a mix of action, adventure and comedy featuring the Shaq Paq as they are sent by Shaq on various missions to help others and do good in their hometown community of Ollanta and beyond! The Shaq Paq is a lovable, funny and diverse cast of ten different characters, with Shaquille O’Neal as the Shaq Paq leader and the voice of giant truck, Biggie D, along with his buddy, the Grenoble, voiced by NFL Superbowl champion, Rob Gronkowski.

Beginning today, Shaq’s Garage is now available to Kartoon Channel! audiences across all major platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Roku and The Roku Channel, Apple, Google, Android, Amazon Fire , LG, Samsung, Kartoonchannel.com, and more.

Witness cars coming to life in ‘Shaq’s Garage’ coming to Kartoon Channel! this June

The all-new action-adventure comedy series Shaq’s Garage is all set to premiere on Kartoon Channel!.

Beginning 5 June, Genius Brands will debut 26 episodes of the series exclusively on Kartoon Channel! on Pluto TV, the leading free streaming television service. The Kartoon Channel! on Pluto TV lives within the kids’ category and is available anywhere audiences stream – across all major mobile, CTV and web devices.

Aimed at kids, Shaq’s Garage stars four-time NBA champion, rap impresario and global icon Shaquille O’Neal, as both himself and one of the show’s main vehicle characters, named Biggie D! The animated series is inspired by O’Neal’s real-life love of cars. In this, Shaq brings his ‘family’ of cars, known as the Shaq Paq, to life.  He has also executive produced the series.

“I am thrilled that our hard work over the past couple of years is finally coming to fruition with our new series,” said O’Neal. “I am extremely proud of what we have created, and I am looking forward to inspiring kids all over the world with Shaq’s Garage.”

“We are thrilled that Kartoon Channel! is partnering with Pluto TV to premiere the first season of Shaq’s Garage, which embodies the value-driven content we seek to create at Genius Brands,” said Genius Networks president Todd Steinman. “I’m delighted that Shaq’s vision for the series has been realised. The show offers action, adventure, and comedy through positive messaging and quality role models. We are excited to offer this unique series to both kids and their families around the country.”

The series is a mix of action, adventure and comedy featuring the Shaq Paq as they are sent by Shaq on various missions to help others and do good in their hometown community of Ollanta and beyond! The Shaq Paq is a lovable, funny and diverse cast of ten different characters, with Shaquille O’Neal as the Shaq Paq leader and the voice of giant truck, Biggie D, along with his buddy, the Grenoble, voiced by NFL Superbowl champion, Rob Gronkowski.

The premiere of Shaq’s Garage will be supported by a variety of companion content, influencer collaborations and a comprehensive social marketing campaign across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Additionally, Genius Brands is developing a full-scale consumer products retail program for the IP.  

Image Courtesy: Twitter account of Shaq

Pluto TV announces partnership with Mondo TV to stream content across borders

Pluto TV, a free streaming television service, has announced partnership with Mondo TV Studios, part of Mondo TV Group, a European producer and distributor of animated content, to bring a number of successful titles from the Mondo TV library to Pluto TV in Italy and across various markets in Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

A number of iconic TV series are already available on the Pluto TV platform in Latin America, including the popular live-action, pre-teen comedy-drama Heidi Bienvenida, the well-known animated hit Sissi the Young Empress, the animated tale Dinofroz, and the futuristic motor racing cartoon The Drakers, among others.

In Italy, Pluto TV audiences can enjoy a variety of TV series like Invention Story, the CGI animated tale of Kit, a highly creative fox and his amazing invention, Legend of Snow White, an Italian-Japanese anime series and Bug’s Adventure, the comic adventures of a group of bugs who learn about life through their day-to-day dealings with the world around them.

Not only series, but also more than 20 movies are available to stream on Pluto TV in Italy, including Felix All Around The World, where the protagonist Felix gets lost in Norway and must find his way home, Jungle Book, the movie about Mowgli, a young guy adopted by a family of wolves and Welcome Back Pinocchio, a story about what happens when a cat, a fox and a harlequin, all under the control of the Butterman, manage to convince Pinocchio to steal from the school safe.

Pluto TV EVP and international GM Olivier Jollet said, “Pluto TV is experiencing a tremendous growth internationally: our first step outside the U.S.A. was in October 2018, four years later we have launched more than 1,000 channels internationally, with over 400 international media partners. This is an incredible result that we also achieved thanks to our valuable partners like Mondo TV that allow us to bring unique content to our audiences worldwide, through carefully curated channels that offer the best of traditional TV and streaming.”

Mondo TV Studios CEO Maria Bonaria Fois said, “With a portfolio of hit movies, binge-worthy TV shows, cartoons, sports and more, anytime and always for free, Pluto is a winning proposition with impressive reach and a fast-growing viewership. We’re thrilled to be sharing some of our most popular titles with this leading free streaming television service as it expands into new markets in Europe and Latin America.”

ChizComm Ltd. and ChizComm Beacon Media founders Harold and Jennifer Chizick leave Genius Brands over disagreement

ChizComm Ltd. and ChizComm Beacon Media founders, Harold and Jennifer Chizick, have announced their exit from Genius Brands, ChizComm and ChizComm Beacon Media. In an official statement they have mentioned non-alignment of vision with Genius Brands.

“We are extremely disappointed to be leaving Genius Brands and ChizComm after less than a  year of being with Genius Brands. However, our vision on how to best grow the Company does  not align well with Genius Brands. Last week, Genius Brands imposed organizational changes that reduced our role in the company and was a breach of our agreement with Genius Brands. Efforts to resolve this matter  in an amicable fashion have been unsuccessful. We believe that we have been terminated on a without cause basis and now have no choice but to depart the company and explore options  for how to recoup the considerable sums remaining due to us,” Harold and Jennifer Chizick said in a statement.

They further said, “ChizComm staff is at the heart of everything we do. We want to thank this phenomenal team – past and present – that have contributed to building a great organization that prioritizes integrity, drive and passion. And to the ChizComm client base, it has been an honor working in partnership to unlock opportunities and drive growth. Stay tuned for what we do next.”

Harold and Jennifer founded ChizComm Ltd. in 2013, a marketing communications and media buying agency in the lifestyle, family, entertainment, toy, and gaming spaces. Harold previously worked as a senior-level executive at top tier organizations including Spin Master Ltd. and MEGA Brands, as well as serving on several Toy Industry Association committees. She has spent six years as the official spokesperson for the Canadian Toy Association. 

In February 2021, ChizComm Ltd. and ChizComm Beacon Media were acquired by GBI. Harold served as CEO of both companies and Jennifer as COO of ChizComm Ltd. Additionally, Harold was named president of marketing, content sales and consumer products for GBI. 

In the past year working with Genius Brands, Harold secured a Master Toy Partner for Rainbow Rangers, leading the partnership to have Kartoon Channel! stream on Pluto TV, and led the marketing to deliver over 70M views on Stan Lee Superhero Kindergarten

On the other hand, Genius Brands International issued a statement today that Harold Chizick and Jennifer Chizick, employees of the Company’s ChizComm subsidiary, have been terminated for cause. The company believes this decision to be in the best interest of its shareholders and customers.

“Business will continue as usual under current management, with Donna MacNeil as president of ChizComm and Kathleen Campisano as global chief marketing officer and GM of ChizComm Beacon Media subsidiaries. The company is fully invested in the success of these subsidiaries and believes it will be more fully realized under Ms. MacNeil’s and Ms. Campisano’s leadership,” the statement further mentioned.

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