Japanese Mascot Chitan getting its own Anime series

Chitan, the mascot has become an Internet sensation ever since it was first seen. The character debuted back in December 2017.  Pegged as a fairy baby, Chitan is a genderless and ageless character with a penchant for mischief. The mascot was originally based on a real-world otter, and Chitan spiffed up their reputation when they were hired as an honorary tourism ambassador for Susak, Kochi.

Natsuki Takemura will be directing Chitan’s anime, and they will also act as a character designer. Isamu Sasagawa will oversee scripts while production falls to both Infinity Vision and East Fish Studio.

The character’s extreme videos became a subject of controversy, and Susaki confirmed it had rescinded the character’s ambassador position last year.

“Following complaints from citizens, the city has decided not to accept future activities as an ambassador,” the Japanese newspaper Live Door revealed.

“Because of the numerous extreme videos posted to social media, the city has decided not to accept Chitan’s ambassador activities,” the report continued. “In the city, about 100 complaints were received like ‘It is possible for the city’s character to be doing this?’, and the city decided to dismiss the ambassador.”

For the unversed, the character has a large following online. In the U.S., audiences were introduced to the mascot through Facebook and Twitter.ith millions of followers, Chitan is well-known for posting a hilarious video of herself doing odd stunts. From running on a treadmill to doing strange sports, Chitan has brought laughter to fans around the world, but it looks like Susaki is okay to part ways with their former sightseeing ambassador.

Kinder TV will begin broadcasting the anime on 3 April 2019

We can’t wait to see Chitan in action

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