VFX Tharros Game Studio’s ‘Battle of Airway’ flies high on iOS -

Tharros Game Studio’s ‘Battle of Airway’ flies high on iOS

Tharros an independent entertainment gaming studio from India launched its first game Battle of Airway on 19 July 2014 with a dream to compete with 5 top gamers in the near future.

“We are a team of eight artists. It took us six months to develop this game. The background music for this game was given by Vasistha Ram along with this we also bought music from a Turkish woman – Anna Robinson,” revealed Tharros game studio CEO, Bharat Raj to Animationxpress.com.

Battle of Airway is an adorable shoot-’em-up game wherein Tito (the Hero) fights against tedious villains, flying through attractive and striking backgrounds. The game has different challenging hurdles wherein Tito dies immediately while getting into contact with villain-traps or by getting hit by bullets constantly. The Goal of the game is to destroy the Spider King and get Tidu (Tito’s brother) back.

The player can move Tito seamlessly using effortless touch and drag controls and aim the targets along his/her moves. One can collect Candies and Special Candies for upgrading his/her store, where in one gets dazzling attires and special powers for Tito.

Bharat added, “The game is available on iOS platform only. We receive 70 per cent of the revenues, whereas the remainder goes to Apple as the platform provider. We are also planning to launch it on Androids and Windows phone by next month.”

This game targets people who are above the age of 13, but if you want to download this game you have to shell out $1.99. Battle of Airway is made especially for challenging gamers. It has total of 24 levels and has already crossed 500 downloads in last three months.

“Our target is to reach out to everyone globally. We are also coming-up with new game and will start working on it by next month,” ended Bharat.