One Take Media brings hit series ‘Bablu Dablu Ki Froggy Gang’ to entertain

One Take Media Co. (OTMC) is happy to bring the hit 3D animation series Bablu Dablu Ki Froggy Gang for SAARC countries. The series consists of 104 episodes available in English, Hindi and other languages.

The series Bablu Dablu Ki Froggy Gang is so titled for a reason. This new animation comes from the house of Fantawild who has given all the super Hit TV series Bablu Dablu (Bonnie Bears). The series features a frog, a pond and other creatures. In fact, the frog named Bablu Joe Croaker—is good friends with a fly, Cosmo. Joe Croaker and his pal Dablu Cosmo live in a marsh with many of their friends, both of the animal and insect variety .They go on several adventures together and, occasionally, butt heads but they always manage to remain friends. This wonderful animated video does a terrific job in showcasing what friendship is all about—loyalty, forgiveness, and spending quality time together—as well as being there when things aren’t so great. Joe is a delightful character, with a hearty and funny laugh and he always rushes headlong into things. Cosmo is the level-headed fly that helps keep him straight.

OTMC founder and CEO Anil Khera said, “Watching animated series is the exciting part of our childhood. We are pleased to showcase Bablu Dablu Ki Froggy Gang series which incorporates vivid colours, rich characters, funny scenes, and the loyalty of friends. This provides family-suitable adventure and entertainment. So, dive into the Bablu Dablu Ki Froggy Gang series for a whole new adventure and we are sure you won’t want to miss a single episode!”

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