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Hong Kong Disneyland might reopen soon, even before Walt Disney World, Florida

As things ease up around the world, Disney might reopen another theme park very soon. 

Having six different major cities around the world, Disney has currently only reopened Shanghai Disneyland. Walt Disney World in Florida, is set to reopen officially on 11 July and now it seems that Hong Kong Disneyland might resume very soon.

Hong Kong Disneyland was the second Disney park to shut down, a day after Shanghai Disneyland closed. As per Deadline reports, a popular Hong Kong theme park, Ocean Park, is set to reopen on 13 June, and the report further states that Hong Kong Disneyland would follow soon. Suggestions are that the second Disney park could be opening up in the next couple of weeks. Official announcement, however, is yet to be made.

There were indications of Hong Kong Disneyland resuming operations over the last few weeks. Being the smallest Disney park in the world, Hong Kong would possibly have the fastest turn around to reopening once the decision is taken. 

If one Ocean Park is reopening in a few days, it would be quite likely that Hong Kong Disneyland will actually become the second park to reopen before Walt Disney World opens next month. The other Disney theme parks around the world have not indicated when they might reopen.

All parks will resume with limited capacity and necessary items like face masks, temperature screenings, for a while before the parks achieve something resembling normal.

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