Christian Schneider shares his insights at Toonz Animation Masters Summit


Toonz Media Masters Summit witnessed a profound proliferation of insights by Gummy Bear International’s CEO Christian Schneider. The session titled What is important in an Animation? observed the fundamental requisites for creating successful animated content.

Gummy Bear International CEO Christian Schneider

Gummy Bear International CEO Christian Schneider answered this question at the ToonZ Master Summit. Outlining the important steps before coming up with the Animated content, he spoke about creativity and ideas. Speaking about how important finalising the idea and bringing it to the real world is, he further discussed the significance of the script stage which he dubbed as the most difficult one as it involves the struggles of setting up an agreeable storyline.

Toonz Media Master Summit

Highlighting the next step of storyboarding, he shared, “A storyboarder shouldn’t do something that he doesn’t agree upon” He further discussed how it is necessary to avoid all struggles in the content.

Shedding light on how making mistakes is a part of the learning process, he added that mistakes also help in making the content better. The usefulness of the trial and error has been a core part of his journey. Pointing out how smart children are, he explained, “Kids have the best sense of what is good and what is not. One should keep this in mind before creating an animated series.”

Jocularly addressing himself a bear after his iconic character Gummy Bear, he also shared how he and his son have spent over a decade with Toonz on building the global IP. Schneider hinted at the possibility of a Gummy Bear movie, “A Gummy bear with superpowers”. Enlarging on what made Gummy Bear such a success, he broke down his principle approach into three parts; Gummy Bear equals to song plus visual plus text.

Music has been a key differentiator for Gummybear. According to him, his passion for music led him to transform himself from a tax consultant to a global animation master. Till date, he has produced most of GummyBear’s music videos. Its success is evident in its path-breaking records; 15 billion views and more on Youtube.

We hope such summits are held more often so more and more animators can be inspired.

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