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‘Batgirl’ standalone kicks into gear with new screenwriter

Among the more exciting productions in line from Warner Bros., that of Batgirl is somewhere near the top. The female counterpart to the Dark Knight has many a fabled stories about her in the comics whilst also drooling the fans over in her thrilling animated series.

DC would be bringing this iconic character to screen soon, and thanks to Christina Hodson, the production can now safely kick into gear. The Shut In writer was roped in replace Joss Whedon, who left the project in February, a year after his appointment on the project. The 53-year old pulled back after going “months to realise he didn’t have a story at all.”

But much to the respite of the fans, Hodson has stepped in for the production’s second bite of the cherry at scripting a story. And perhaps, salvaging the movie from a premature demise.

Hodson is also writing the screenplay for Transformers’ spin-off film Bumblebee: The Movie, that’s currently in production too.

Batgirl would be based on Barbara Gordon, daughter of police commissioner James Gordon, who pulls on the role of the caped crusador in the city of Gotham. In comics, she works in alliance with the Batman and Robin primarily, before joining hands with a few more of DC’s masked vigilantes.

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