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The theme emphasizes the importance of collaboration, diversity, and inclusivity in order to achieve success. It also underscores the power of storytelling as a means of breaking down barriers and creating a variety of content.

The animation summit can explore a wide range of topics that relate to the theme, including technological advancements, diversity and representation in animation, cross-cultural collaborations, and the impact of animation on social change.

Overall, the "Breaking Boundaries, Mission World" theme invited creators to embrace new ideas and perspectives, to break down barriers and work towards a better future through animation. It inspires animators, creators, and professionals in the industry to explore new frontiers and to make a positive impact on the world through their work.

Key Themes

Technology Development
B2B Networking
Media & marketing
Character Branding
Agency Investment
Content Creation & Development
Brands Stories & Engagement
Storytelling & Script writing using AI
Content Syndication & Distribution

Who should attend?








Creative Directors

Business Heads

Business Analysts

Technology Companies


Government Bodies

Institute Heads




Ad Agency Heads

Ad Agency Heads

Brands Heads




License & Merchandising

Brands & Agencies

Educational Institutes & Artists

Animation Production Houses

Why to attend?

India's largest kids' Summit

In a first of its kind event, KAM aims to be the largest conglomeration of the entire ecosystem under one root Need we say more?

Luminous participation

The event will be attended by eminent stalwarts from multiple spheres of the kids' content ecosystem. This is your chance to share the roof with them

Excellent networking opportunities

The Summit aims to bring the industry under one root Hence it goes without saying the oppor- tunities of networking you get up close and personal with the industry itself

Valuable tips up for grabs

A promising line-up of speakers and delegates Interspersed with an Interesting mix of sessions brings in the prospect of excellent knowledge sharing

Studios that hit the spot

Catch some of the best studios from the country and share insights into the process of creating some of the best works the country has witnessed!

Broadcasters on the front seat

Kids' ecosystem being packed with opportunities, the broadcasters are leaving no stone unturned to take the spike further. Interact with the broadcasters & know how they push the prospects!

Brands galore

Brands have been a driving force in the industry and have played an integral role in the shaping up of the industry. Find out how they did it and what lies ahead!

Ann Awards

India's first premium set of awards dedicated to excellence in the field of animation in the subcontinent will serve as the perfect crescendo to the exciting line up of sessions.


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